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Federation of Master Builders : Helping the UK build better for over 75 years

Federation of Master Builders logo

The Federation of Master Builders is the largest trade association in the UK construction sector, supporting over eight thousand members and promoting stanadards across the industry. 2016 marked it's 75th anniversary.

Watch these videos about the FMB

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75th Anniversary video

A phoenix from the flames of a broken down nation
Blitz spirit embodied – a new collaboration
The thunder subsides, a new morning dawns
An army of builders, new battle lines drawn

"In 1946 the East end of London was completely blitzed. The rebuilding program was absolutely enormous."
John Goodwin
Senior Director, Oakleafe Property Services

"I remember as a schoolboy looking across and just seeing a big red glow. The whole of the East end was alight. So there was a great deal of building work to be done."
Barrie Roach
Managing Director, Roach Brothers Limited

Poem continues:
The foundations were laid, the standards were set
Expectations exceeded, through skills, toil and sweat

"There was a great skills shortage, a great shortage of materials. There were so many things you were short of, particularly glass, glass was difficult."

"Well a group of builders got together and realised that there had to be a federation throughout the country to get builders to work together in order to get labour and materials organised."

"That was the main and most important thing, and it worked quite well from the word go."
FMB Members

Poem continues:
The best are accepted, their quality tested
A seal of approval for the team you've selected

"By joining the Federation of Master Builders you're getting a badge of quality that you can show to your clients, the local authority, your consumers. It's a demonstration that you've been independently inspected, that actually you have undergone checks. No other builder will have done that in any other trade association."
Brian Berry
CEO, Federation of Master Builders

Poem continues:
An ethos of hard work, skill, dedication. Delivered through support, assessment and education.

"With the FMB, the additional services you get are invaluable - you get the training. If you've got any issues with your training, with your health and safety, the technical issues: they're a phone call away. You can't put a price on that."
Barrie Roach
Managing Director, Roach Brothers Limited

Poem continues:
Championing the future, for seventy-five years. Equality, innovation, collaboration between peers.

"There's lots of benefits of FMB membership. It enhances our profile, improves our reputation. It gives us more credibility. We're been vetted out by the FMB, therefore it gives our clients the assurance that we are safe to work with."
Ishrat Sharif

Poem continues:
A mark that means quality, that shows that we're the best
A mark that stands up, when it's put to the test

"The FMB gives us distinction from everyone else. It sets us apart form the 'builder next door' as such."
Dean Goodwin
Operations Director, Oakleafe Property Services

I find it very reassuring that they're members of the FMB. A company has got the reach a good standard of work to stay a member.
Anne Berry
Vice Chair, Dagenham Village Community Hall

Poem concludes:
Tradespeople innovate, creating trendsetters
The Federation of Master Builders, we build better

To find a master builder, use our Find a Builder service.

Join the Federation of Master Builders

Build better - become a Master Builder.

The Federation of Master Builders has been around since 1941.

Supporting, promoting and protecting the interests of builders.

We're not just a logo to display on your van and website.

The master builder badge is the sign of building quality.

It identifies a professional vetted, independently inspected master builder.

There are lot of benefits of becoming a master builder.

Our vetting procedure and independent inspections provide credible proof that your company is amongst Britain's best builders.

You'll have and exclusive listing on the Find a Builder service, which means access to more work.

As a member you will have access to a range of services to protect your business.

Such as free FMB contracts, our disputes services and free legal advice.

Running a building firm can be tough.

The FMB has advisors ready to offer expert guidance on health and safety, taxation, employment law and technical matters.

You also get access to training to gain new skill and grow your business.

Being a master builders gives your business increased exposure and visibility through TV, radio, exhibitions and social media campaigns.

Each year on average, 145 million people see, hear or read about the FMB in the media.

Which means more homeowners than ever will be asking for a master builder!

Fancy saving 10% on your public and employers liability insurance?

As a member you can access insurance saving through Federation of Master Builders Insurance Services.

You can also provide your clients with a warranty over your work from extensions to new build

Remember, we're a not-for-profit organisation.

So every penny of your subscription is re-invested into supporting, protecting and promoting members

There's never been a better time to join

So why not sign up today?

Visit www.fmb.org.uk/join

Or call 0330 333 7777


The Federation of Master Builders also runs the high profile industry awards scheme - the 'Master Builder Awards'.